Outside of work, I am an avid painter in both digital and traditional mediums, striving to push the boundaries of my art skills to create paintings that are deeply emotive and meaningful to those who experience them.​​​​​​​
Snowy Sanctuary was a personal 2D and 3D art project using the skills I had learned from various environment art courses and mentorships online. It was inspired by the style of Netflix's Klaus, digitally painted in Photoshop, and animated in Blender using 3D projection mapping.
Monster Motel
This Monster Motel concept design started as an assignment for the final week of an online CGMA course called ‘Fundamentals of Architecture Design’ with Tyler Edlin. I then went on to do a full digital painting as part of a mentorship with Disney artist, Marco Bucci.
Bohemian Art Studio
Bohemian Art Studio was another personal art project – a whimsical fantasy depiction of an artist's home studio.
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