I'm Anika Chowdhury, Painter & Model Maker specialising in crafting intricate sets, props, and puppets for the UK film & TV industry. I hold a postgraduate diploma in Model Making for Animation from the world renowned National Film & Television School (NFTS).
During my time at NFTS, I collaborated with Animation Directors, Production Designers, and VFX students, working on high-caliber projects to tight deadlines.
I had the privilege of completing a work placement at Mackinnon & Saunders - who recently won an Oscar for Pinocchio - where I contributed to the production of the children's TV series, MixMups. This experience also provided me with expert training in airbrush painting, mould making, and armature construction for puppets.
Additionally, I worked as a Props Painter for BGI Supplies and NFTS Model Making, contributing to the painting of miniatures for the Netflix show, The Crown. This role enhanced my efficiency in meeting a tight deadline while maintaining paint quality.
With a background in Interior Architecture and Design, I bring a strong foundation in 3D modelling, technical CAD drawings, and construction methods. Combined with my skills in sculpting, painting, and mould making, I can effectively bring creative visions to life.
I am thrilled to continue a creative journey in model making and prop making for film and TV. With meticulous attention to detail, a passion for craftsmanship, and a dedication to delivering high-quality work, I strive to be a valuable asset to any production.
If you’re looking for someone who delivers high-quality work with a fast turnaround and enthusiasm, then please get in touch.
"You have had a fabulous year Anika. I have seen your confidence grow now that you have engaged with all the workshop machinery, which has propelled you into the 3d world of model, prop, and puppet making. You have some extremely creative skills with a tenacity and motivation to research, test and develop your work repeatedly which will be an outstanding asset in the workplace. You are able to work individually and collaboratively on all your projects and adjust and refine your schedule as you go, and are collaborating with your peers on the Grad animation film “Cliff”, on which you are a confident coordinator.
You are an incredibly hard worker Anika and it will not be long before this is recognised by employers. I have really enjoyed teaching you and wish you all the very best for what I hope will be a long and successful career in the Arts. Thanks!"
John Lee, Head of NFTS Model Making for Animation.
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